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Hahn Loeser & Parks is a partner of 2 BY 2012

The goal of 2 BY 2012 is for each citizen of central Ohio to bicycle to work or school, or run an errand by bike, two days a month by the Columbus bicentennial in 2012.

2 BY 2012 is both a challenge and a movement. As citizens of Columbus rise to the challenge and change the way we get to work, we can start a movement that will significantly benefit our lives, our economy and our community. Join the movement today by going to 'Your Profile', updating your rider bio and logging your first ride! Then get on your bike and spread the word. When we ride, we make a difference.
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July 19, 2011
Sauna-like conditions again today--loving it!  16 mile commute
July 18, 2011
Wow! Is it hot! Like riding in a greenhouse. I worry a bit about the air quality coming down High Street, but oh well.  16 mile commute
June 30, 2011
Biked down Olentangy River Rd to the Fawcett Center for awards lunch. Biked back north up the trail with Jeff, Jess and Will. Beautiful day!  6 mile commute
June 29, 2011
Beautiful commute down High Street. Had to chase down a couple hipsters running red lights.........again. :)  16 mile commute
June 28, 2011
Uneventful ride downtown via High Street. I'm really enjoying the summer weather!  16 mile commute
June 27, 2011
Downtown, then up High St to the Pig after work, and then home. Beautiful weather for biking.  20 mile commute
June 23, 2011
Rode into a mild headwind on the way downtown--should be a boost on the way home. :)  16 mile commute
June 22, 2011
  16 mile commute
June 21, 2011
  16 mile commute
June 20, 2011
  16 mile commute
June 17, 2011
  16 mile commute
June 16, 2011
  16 mile commute
June 15, 2011
Another fall-like morning. Heading to the Consider Biking Open House tonight from 5-8 pm at 4041 N High--I hear they have good beer!  16 mile commute
June 14, 2011
Beauteeful weather--almost feels like fall.  16 mile commute
June 13, 2011
Great ride down High, weather's perfect! Back up High to the Pig Iron for a beer after work.  20 mile commute
June 9, 2011
  16 mile commute
June 8, 2011
Great ride in--rode with an OSU commuter and had a nice conversation re the benefits of biking to work. Back and forth around town later.  32 mile commute
June 7, 2011
Nice ride downtown and then out to the Conservatory, but caught in downpour on the way home. At least it was warm.  22 mile commute
June 6, 2011
To work downtown, home, back to Dirty Franks and home again. Great day to ride!  32 mile commute
June 5, 2011
Rode to dinner with Beth (her first ride on her new bike), and son Brandon and his wife Komang. The family that bikes together.............  4 mile errand
May 31, 2011
To and from work downtown. Then home to get the Lagavulin and back to Bexley for book club and home again. Long day in the heat!  36 mile commute
May 26, 2011
Biked out to Easton for an interview, then downtown via Cleveland Ave, and home at the end of the day.  28 mile commute
May 24, 2011
Beautiful ride down High Street. Biked to OSU Blackwell for lunch (I hear Roger's outta prison). Drinks at Surly Girl and then home.  20 mile commute
May 20, 2011
What is that giant orb in the sky? Could it be the sun? It's been so long, I forgot what it looks like. :)  16 mile commute
May 19, 2011
Nice ride in--cloudy but no rain. I'll take it!  16 mile commute
May 18, 2011
Met and rode with Janice--she commutes from Westerville to Nationwide. Ride of Silence tonight--join us if you can 6:45 at State Hse.  24 mile commute
May 17, 2011
OK, so last week was a tease and now we're back to rain every day, huh? I feel sorry for the folks along the Mississippi.  24 mile commute
May 16, 2011
Not the best weather for CEO B2WD, but still had over 100 folks participate!!! Power to the Pedal! We're moving the dial!  30 mile commute
May 13, 2011
Leisurely ride down High Street this morning. The No. 31 Express wanted to race, but I passed-- didn't want to show up at work too sweaty.  16 mile commute
May 12, 2011
Another day in paradise! I'm now adapting to the tropical climate--no complaints. Lots more bikes on the road.  22 mile commute